We have Northern Goshawks

The above immature Northern Goshawk came to us a couple weeks ago with a injured left wing. The bones at the wing tip are fractured. It's not known right now if it will be releasable or not. The only thing we could do was immobilize the wing and let it heal.
If you noticed its crop it's getting plenty of quail. If you look at its expression on its face I don't think it minds.
This immature Northern Goshawk came in from PET ER over the weekend. It was found on the ground in Wasilla and the people brought it in for care. It caused quite a ruckus when it escaped from the technician that was checking it in. It got into the cat room, but fortunately the cat room was unoccupied.
It's in for observation. We believe it just knocked itself out flying into something. The tail guards are put on all goshawks, falcons, etc. to protect their tail feathers while in captivity until they are released. These guys use their tails like a rudder and make some really sharp turns with them. Damage to their tail feathers would delay their release until they molted.
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