Cyrano is getting a little well known

Cindy and I spent most of the morning on the phone with different newspapers, news stations, The Discovery Channel. BE 09-31, now affectionately known as Cyrano, is getting pretty well known. With his new beak designed and put into action by Cindy and Dr. Kirk Johnson, he's become quite the celebrity.

Unfortunately because of his injury, he'll never be released back to the wild. If he wasn't brought to Bird TLC, he would have faced a certain death. So he must start thinking about being an education bird. He'll be able to represent his proud species and hopefully educate people about the dangers they cause to wildlife when they recklessly leave trash in the wild.

Don't let the shoulder bumpers scare you. Those are only to protect his wings while in a small mew. They'll be removed soon. He was placed in a larger outside mew this afternoon.
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