Phoenix, Thanks for the visit!

In August of 2008 we received two osprey chicks that were recovered after their nest on a power line caught fire. They both were too young to leave nest. One had no injuries and one had severe burns to its legs and a broken wing. The one that had no injuries was placed in a foster nest a few weeks later.

The other took some time to heal. After healing he was so imprinted there was no chance of release. Cindy was told that it was impossible to keep an osprey in captivity. So that was her inspiration to have an education osprey. I spent a lot of weekends building an insulated mew that would stay heated above 32°f, with a sad light on timer and remote thermometer.

Phoenix as he became known was well accepted by all of the volunteers. He would readily squeal at you if you didn't talk to him as you went by his mew. He became so easy to handle on glove that several volunteers checked off on him and were doing presentations. Phoenix was getting well known.

A few weeks ago Phoenix was a little quiet. It was also noticed that he wasn't eating as well as he normally did. An exam and blood test should nothing abnormal. A couple days later he passed away. There wasn't a dry eye in the building.

Even though Phoenix life was short, he sure touched a lot of people. I'm a little late writing this post because I didn't want to get anyone more upset. I doubt he'll ever be forgotten.