Juvenile Detention

Earlier this winter, we closed the flight center down for the first time in recent memory. We didn't have any eagles or large raptors to put out there. Things have changed around some this year. So far we have taken in 17 eagles at the Bird TLC clinic in 2010.

The majority of them have been immature bald eagles. So if you go to the flight center now, of the seven bald eagles out there, all but one is an immature bald eagle. Four of them are fully flighted and will be ready for release come spring. Two of them are partially flighted and are working on getting their strength back to be fully flighted. The last one is in question right now, but after a molt we'll see.

These guys and gals are practicing their flying skills everyday. They are feed fresh salmon and red meat. Sometimes they get a treat of chicken or turkey, depending how much we have donated.

Each one came to us for a different reason. One had a broken leg, another was caught in a avalanche and some were toxin birds. They ate what they should not have. But now they are being taken care of by dedicated volunteers.
Any ways, they are on the road to recovery and most will be released as soon as spring weather allows.
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