Valdez courting eagle recovering at flight center

Now known as Lilith (from Cheers and Frasier fame), our surviving gal from a bad courtship in Valdez is now at the Bird TLC flight center. This is her chance to prove to us that's she's going to be ready for release or not. She'll have ample time to build her flight strength back and prove that there was no permanent damage from her crash last month.

Right out of her travel kennel, she flew to perch at the far end of the flight cell where she was placed. It's a little obvious that she needs some practice, but that's expected. She's been through a horrifying ordeal. She'll be sharing a cell with other eagles in different levels of recovery. Most are either not flighted or are partially flighted, still working on building their strength and skills back.

The weather has been cooperating. The temps have been staying above freezing at night and mostly sunny during the day. Lilith and her new companions have the perfect fall weather to get ready for a life back in the wild.
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