Bald Eagle BE 10-13 released at Eagle River Nature Center

Sylvia heads Fire Lake Preschool in Eagle River. Every year she has several of our presenters out doing presentations to her students and their parents. We held a free drawing at the Great Alaskan Sportsman Show for a eagle release and guess who won.
Before the release her students sung a song to the bald eagle being released. Then Sylvia dedicated the release to "One Wing", Bird TLC's mascot who had passed away last year. And then she asked me to release it, because she said there was no fair way to pick 4 people from her group to do the release.

I have watched, organized and photographed a lot of releases, but this is the first one that I've released myself. Just a couple days before, this eagle had swooped down at me at our flight center leaving a nice mark on my face. Now, I got to tell it to go enjoy its life in the wild, find its own food and to have a awesome long life.

It couldn't have a better place to have a new start.
Thanks Sylvia for letting me be a part of your release and also thanks for your long time support of Bird TLC.
Also, thanks to my friend and fellow volunteer, Britt. She came along to help catch the bird, help organize the release and take photos. Without her help it would have been a real chore. She also took some fantastic memorable photos for me.
For more photo's of the release, click here.
Photo Credit: Britt Coon / Bird TLC
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