The bear didn't have a chance

We continue to get baby birds of all types in. The ducks are the only ones that don't get set up with a Baby Bird Mom. They are a little mom fragile than songbirds and easily imprinted. They love the stuffed animals we put in their hold boxes. Terry picked up quite a few from PET ER this weekend.

We go a specticled eider in from USF&W in Barrow with an injured wing. It was spending the night or two until the Alaska Sea Life Center in Seward could arrange transportation. One of their volunteers took it down yesterday. What a nice looking bird.

This young mature came in on Saturday from the Kenai NWR. It was found on a river bank. It was soak en wet when we received it. It also has a broken right wrist. X-rays today.
It was a busy weekend.
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