Fresh snow

Fresh Snow is very pretty, but when it snows a lot it creates a lot of work. Wet snow doesn't pass through the nets that cover our flight pens, it just collects it. The weight of the snow makes the nets droop lower and lower. To much weight from the snow can cause damage to the cells, so it needs to be removed.

Britt and I were out there Friday afternoon knocking the snow off of the nets and then shoveling the snow we knocked down to make paths for the non-flighted eagles. To knock it down we use long aluminium poles with squeegees on the end. The squeegee end keeps from tearing the net.We raise them to the nets and push up and down causing the snow to fall through. Sounds easy, doesn't it? Thrust me, your arms, neck and back feel it after 1/2 a cell. Your also guaranteed to be dumped on often.  By the time you're done, you are beat and soaking wet.

Everyone at the flight center gets their turn during the winter. This time was Britt's and mine. If the amount is too much, you call for back up.
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