It's winter at the flight Center

The birds that are at the flight center now will be there until spring. We don't release eagles in winter. We prefer that there's a easy food source for them when they first get released and they have to get use to defending for themselves again.
Some might not be releasable, only time will tell if their rehabilitation works. If not, we attempt to find them a permanent home. Right now, each eagle is fed 2 1/2 lbs. of salmon at each feeding. They get fed every other day.
There's no running water during the winter at the flight center. We haul it in 5 gallon jugs. The eagles use 5 gallons a day. It's not that they drink that much. They drop food in it, take bathes or whatever else you can think of. We place heaters in their water bowls so it doesn't freeze. Also, because of the low temperatures and lack of running water, the cells aren't cleaned as in washing until spring. Scrap food, feathers, etc. are picked up When it snows, the nets need to be shaken cleaned and pathways shoveled and perches cleaned off.
The great horned owl is a little easier. He uses very little water and a large rat a day. Being a volunteer at the flight center isn't for everyone, but it sure has its rewards.
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