Return to Moose Pass

Ghost, Petra and I went to Moose Pass on Friday night. Every year Bird TLC is invited back to Trail Lake Lodge to do presentations for their birding groups. We always have a good time and meet some great people from all over the states. Since I went solo, there are no photos of the presentation, but here's Ghost and Petra chillin' afterwards.
Moose Pass is not a large town so there's not a lot of traffic off the main road. We only attracted a few people at the lodge.

Ghost didn't care. He said "I'm off the clock. I'm enjoying the quiet".
Petra did a few calls for the few that walked by. I think she thought they wanted her salmon. She didn't want it then, but she didn't want to share.

Nothing like a nice bath after a long over-nighter.

Thanks Dave, Doug, Chris and Nan for having down again this year. It's a big treat for us.
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