There's some serious building going on

Even tough Bird TLC doesn't hold a permit for their education birds to reproduce and even though Petra doesn't have a mate, she still goes through the steps of building a nest.
Here she is gathering grass to line her nest.
Petra is considered partially flighted, so she has a very large mew. Sticks and limbs provided by Lisa are arranged by Petra to form what she considers a nesting area. Lisa will hand her a limb and Petra will size it with her beak. If it fits her needs she takes it and places it in the nesting area were Petra feels it needs to be.

Here she's placing grass within the nesting area.

Petra is very protective of the nesting area. Weighing almost 14 lbs, she can very intimidating. We stay clear of the area when we enter her mew for feeding, watering and stuff. She's also more receptive to Lisa than me right now. We're not sure if it's because she's more familiar with Lisa right now or what.

Anyways, Petra is staying very busy right now.

The bottom 2 photos are by Lisa Pajot and the top 2 are by Dave Dorsey.
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