Lisa and Petra

Hi Dave,
Here’s a fun story to put on the blog. Last night Lisa, Karen C., and myself were giving a program on the third floor balcony at the Dena’ina Center. We were part of the “Experience America” program which was put on for 70 ambassadors and their significant others. As soon as Petra came out of her kennel the gulls starting mobbing her. Lisa got to defend Petra with her stick and Petra seemed to be enjoying herself. The only bad part was that the gulls starting pooping on Lisa and Petra. They even did it when they were getting photographed with some of the ambassadors. Everybody enjoyed the spectacle that was part of our program and we got to meet a lot of ambassadors from all over the world. By the end of the night both Petra and Lisa were covered in poop and both went home to take baths!

Karen C. and I couldn’t stop laughing initially because Lisa looked so stoic defending Petra and I wish that I would have gotten a photo of Lisa at the end of the night covered in bird poop. Luckily Lisa was a good sport about it and still put on a good show!


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