See you later Cindy

Cindy Palmatier has been the Director of Avian Care since November 2004. Since then she has turned Bird TLC from a local rehab clinic maned by volunteers to a world known avian rehabilitation clinic and avian education organization. She had her hands on the pulse of the organization and many, many birds.

There's no way to tell how many birds she assisted in helping, returning back to the wild or into education birds. In the Alaskan avian world she made a difference.
Cindy has decided to move on and to get more involved with her personal life. Being an avian director can consume a lot of your time.  So far she's has been going fishing with her husband Todd, taking her dog Belle to agility competitions, spending time with her grand baby, camping and you name it.
While she was with Bird TLC, she touched the pulse of the volunteers. She has been teacher. mentor, guide and friend. I've never seen an organization that its volunteers are so involved. She has always taken time for a volunteer who needed it.

If you haven't meet her, you probably seen her on TV, in the newspaper or in magazines. She helped get the word out about eagles with broken beaks, eagle love displays that had gone wrong, eagles diving into trucks full of fish guts, songbirds in the Anchorage area, lost red tail hawks, owls and of course , Bird TLC.

She's going to stay on as a volunteer and assist in hiring her replacement and giving any advice we may need. She's away this weekend presenting Hal the bald eagle in Denali.

As an organization we have a lot of adjusting to do. We always ran to Cindy for help or advice. There are many people at Bird TLC who can do the same, but she was always right there to help.

Cindy, you're going to be missed, but I'm glad you're not going too far. I already miss having my Wednesday morning muffin with Belle.
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