Four immatures released in Seward

We released 4 immature bald eagles back to the wild in Seward yesterday at Lowell Point. A good day with fair weather was perfect for them to start their lives over in the wild again. Britt released the first one, BE 11-44 from Dutch Harbor which was this years bird. Britt has helped to release lots of eagles, but this is the first one she did.
Heather released the next one, BE 11- 30 from Kodiak NWR. He was about 4 years old. Heather is Bird TLC's Executive Director.

Verity, our newest intern released BE 11- 13 from Kodiak NWR and I got to release BE 11-41, this years bird from Anchorage.
This is BE 11-44 showing the rest of them on how to do it. They all did well and we hope not to see them again at Bird TLC.

For more photos, click here for Bird TLC's and here for Britt's.
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