For love in Fairbanks

I was invited to participate in Owlpaloza at the Alaska Bird Observatory in Fairbanks by my friends Nancy and Jen. Little did we know that it would be such a hit and Gus our Great Horned Owl would find a friend.
On the first night after we arrived, Gus was staying in an outside mew on the deck. About 1AM there began a series of hoots and all were not Gus's. All night long they hooted back and forth.
As it got lighter, she got braver and came closer and closer to his mew. We could only get a faint view of her, but she responded to all of Gus's hoots.

As it got lighter, we were able to see what a beauty she really was. Her bib expanded with every hoot and her feet were bright and fluffy. I really don't know, but I believe she's a young gal. Maybe 2 to 3 years old.
Little did we know that she had got a lot closer when we weren't watching, and did some damage to the mew. Unfortunately for Gus, the next night he got to spend inside, for his safety and so we could sleep. He's a 20+ year old Great Horned Owl and not able to care for himself as well as a wild owl can.

The next day, as tired as he was, Gus and 3 other owls WOWed them at Owlpaloza! 775 people came to the event and saw 4 owls, but Gus was the only one love struck.

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