Autumn Wings Festival

Bird TLC’s Autumn Wings Festival

Saturday, August 18th from 12:00-4:00

15510 Old Seward Hwy 

Join Bird TLC for a fun-filled celebration of birds, wildlife, the outdoors, and Alaska’s version of autumn.

Activities will include:


·         Alaska Department of Fish & Game

·         Alaska Falconers Association

·         Alaska Museum of Natural History

·         Alaskan Heritage Museum

·         Alaska Zoo

·         Bird TLC Education Bird Booth

·         Campbell Creek Science Center (BLM)

·         Eagle River Nature Center

·         Face Painting Booth

·         Fish Lips & Bird Teeth Studio

·         Kid’s Booth (Bird TLC)

·         U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

-Live Bird “Jeop-Birdy” Program at 1:00 pm

-Bird Calling Contest at 1:30 pm

-Bald Eagle Release at 3:00 pm

-Music by the Alaska Button Box Gang

-Fundraiser BBQ

For more information contact Bird TLC at 562-4852 or visit our website at