Happy Anniversary!

On 11/14/2005, Ghost, then known as 05-599, came to Bird TLC from Soldotna with a broken right wing. We suspect he was hit by a car outside of Soldotna. Unfortunately his wing didn't heal properly, so he became a Bird TLC education bird.

I applied for being his caretaker and was accepted. Built his mew in the backyard and 3 days later it started snowing. Cindy Palmatier was my mentor and I checked off on presenting Ghost within 6 months. Since then we have traveled all over Alaska together, got to meet people from all over the world and made some good friends.

I've been pretty lucky to have shared part of my life with this unique bird.

Blog post when he first came to TLC.
Ghost home when it was completed.
Ghost moved into his mew.

The above photo was taken by my friend Britt Coon in 2006. She's taken many a photo of Ghost.

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