Bug Out for Shell Oil platform grounding

We got the notice this morning, that the Shell Oil platform, Kulluk had run aground on Sitkalidak Island near Kodiak, Alaska. As of this time there are no spills spotted, but preparation needs to be made. Check this link for platform story.

Our shared lease agreement with International Bird Rescue (IBR) is that if a major spill happens in Alaska, Bird TLC need to evacuate all or part of the building within 48 hours during their rescue efforts. This is the first time it has been tested to such a large scale since the agreement was made.

All of our large indoor raptor mews, small indoor raptor and corvid mews, and the small bird care room needed to be removed.

The word went out to Bird TLC volunteers and they came in get the job done. By quitting time tonight, I'd say 75% of the job was done with plans to finish in the morning.

Once IBR has completed their task, everything will be put back in place.

IBR will be updating their blog with the situation on Sitkalidak regularly. Click here for updates.
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