Save the Eagles 2013

January 10 is Save the Eagles Day. Every year it's celebrated for the return of a healthy population of eagles and a reminder that our national symbol could only be a memory. Bird TLC celebrated on January 12th so that people could visit our education eagles on a weekend. With terrible and unusual wet and warm weather, we still had an awesome turn out of 130 people to our small clinic.

Mary Bethe presents Denali the Golden Eagle. Golden Eagles can be found in interior Alaska and many other parts of the world.

Terri is presenting Hal, our first education Bald Eagle. Hal is a Exxon Valdez oil spill disaster survivor.

Lisa is presenting Petra, our largest Bald Eagle. She weighs in at 13 pounds right now, but will get up to over 15 pounds during nesting season.

Heather, our executive director, spent time presenting Hal also. Hal will turn 24 this year.

Bird TLC got over 45 eagles in it's clinic last year. Our five education eagles are great ambassadors of their species and our organization. People can get up close and learn more about these great birds.

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