Progress on Raptor Row

With a BIG help from Home Depot local employees and a donation of materials from Home Depot and ConocoPhillips, Raptor Row is being remodeled. Raptor Row was built almost 20 years ago. This past fall Raptor Row was disassembled to complete an evacuation due to a pending oil spill response for the Shell Oil drilling rig Kulluk. Fortunately the oil spill never happened, but we did find 20 years of wear, tear and wood rot.
With the donations, money raised at the 2012 Bird TLC Auction and labor by Home Depot employee's and Bird TLC volunteers, Raptor Row is getting a much needed face lift. They are also being made larger to meet newer USF&W requirements, lined with an easier to clean shower board and lined with a water repellent membrane to help prevent future water damage.

They are also on easy to roll casters to make cleaning under and around them much easier and they can be relocated within the building as needed.
With a few paint touch ups, the first two will be ready for use in no time at all.

Thanks Team Home Depot and all involved!

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