Four immatures released in Seward

We released 4 immature bald eagles back to the wild in Seward yesterday at Lowell Point. A good day with fair weather was perfect for them to start their lives over in the wild again. Britt released the first one, BE 11-44 from Dutch Harbor which was this years bird. Britt has helped to release lots of eagles, but this is the first one she did.
Heather released the next one, BE 11- 30 from Kodiak NWR. He was about 4 years old. Heather is Bird TLC's Executive Director.

Verity, our newest intern released BE 11- 13 from Kodiak NWR and I got to release BE 11-41, this years bird from Anchorage.
This is BE 11-44 showing the rest of them on how to do it. They all did well and we hope not to see them again at Bird TLC.

For more photos, click here for Bird TLC's and here for Britt's.
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Bald Eagle BE 11-42 Droopy released

A busy weekend for releases. BE 11-42, aka Droopy was released by Michelle and her friends yesterday.
Droopy found the nearest tree and decided to stay put for some time.
He had eaten the night before and had a full crop before the release, so he was satisfied with where he was.
Have a wild one Droopy!
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Bald Eagle BE 11-52 released back to the wild

Roger Wahrer, former volunteer and long time supporter of Bird TLC got to release BE 11-52 aka Chatty back to the wild. She came to us earlier last month from the Anchorage area.

Chatty gave a good show and then flew around in the thermals for a bit showing off.

Thanks Roger!

For more photos, check out Britt Coon's album and the Bird TLC album.
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BE 11-04 released

BE 11-04 came to Bird TLC in January after it was found caught by the neck and wing in a snare. The neck was so swollen it couldn't eat. Today it was released back to the wild by Elena and her family.
Elena purchased the release at the Alaska Zoo's auction a few months ago. Today
BE 11-04 aka Hangman is a resident of Potter Marsh.

More photos by Britt.
More at Bird TLC's SmugMug.
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2011 Midnight Sun Intertribal Powwow

Crowd members look on as military veterans release a rehabilitated bald eagle during the 11th annual Midnight Sun Intertribal Powwow on Sunday afternoon, July 10, 2011, behind the Carlson Center. The eagle, which suffered being hit by a car four months ago, was given the name "Semper Fi" to honor the U.S. Marine Corps. John Wagner/News-Miner

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Busy Bird TLC Weekend so far

Britt and I started with a eagle release at the Eagle River Nature Center. Marge Brehm got to release BE 11-08 and it was a gorgeous release.

Ghost and I did a last minute request at Alaska Wild Berry. It was a lot of fun. Premier Alaska Tours brought several buses by.

Bev and Flame at Spenard Farmer's Market.

Kristen and Sparky at the Spenard Farmer's Market.
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