General Avian Information 
Alaska Dept. of Fish & Game - Alaska bird and wildlife information
Anchorage Audubon - Anchorage, AK chapter of the Audubon Society
Arctic Audubon Society - Fairbanks, AK chapter of the Audubon Society
Birding Guide - General birding information
BIRDNET - Ornithology information
Cornell Lab of Ornithology - Ornithology information
Ducks Unlimited - Wetlands Conservation
Migratory Bird Treaty Act - The law!
Nature's Educators - Avian education
SORA - Searchable Ornithological Research Archive
USF&W Migratory Bird Management - Migratory bird information
USGS Alaska Land bird Resource Information System - Information on bird migration

Bird Watching Information 
A Birders Guide to Kachemak Bay - Birding in and around Homer, AK - Identification tips, photographs, songs and more
Birders World Online - Birders World magazine online - Bird watching information
Campbell Creek Science Center - Outdoor science education center in Anchorage, AK
Dean Birders - UK bird watching information
Peterson Online - Birdwatching information
Wild-Eyed Alaska - Gull Island in Kachemak Bay, AK
Wings Over Alaska - AK state birdwatching program

Bird Rehabilitation Information 
Alaska Raptor Center - Raptor center in Sitka, AK
Alaska Wildbird Rehabilitation Center - Bird rehab center in Houston, Alaska
Birds of Prey NW - Raptor center in Coeur d'Alene, ID
Birds of Prey Foundation - Raptor information
Carolina Raptor Center - North Carolina's premier raptor center
Cascades Raptor Center - Raptor center in Eugene, OR
HawkQuest - Raptor center in Colorado
Illinois Raptor Center - Raptor center in Illinois
International Bird Rescue - International bird rehabilitators
Juneau Raptor Center - Raptor center in Juneau, AK
RRR - Raptor rehabilitation and research
Raptor Inc. - Raptor rehabilitation center in Ohio
Raptor Rehab - Raptor rehabilitation of Kentucky
Wildlife Rehabilitators - Wildlife rehabbers and resources around the world
Wildlife Rehabilitation Information Directory - Wildlife rehabilitation information
Wind Over Wings - Rehab center in Clinton, CT

Bird Species Information 
American Bald Eagle Foundation - Raptor center in Haines, AK
American Bald Eagle Information - Bald eagle information
Southeastern Raptor Center - Raptor center at Auburn University
Golden Gate Raptor Observatory - Raptor observatory in California
Raptor Resource Project - Raptor information
The Peregrine Fund - Raptor information
Minnesota Raptor Center - Raptor center at the University of Minnesota
The Owl Pages - Owl information
Owling - Owl information
World Owl Trust - Owl information
Crows and ravens - Corvid information - Crow research website
For the Love of Crows - Crow information
Nature Park crow info - Crow information
The Raven Aviary - Raven information
Nature Park Steller's jay info - Steller's Jay information
Alaska Falcons - AK falcon information
Life on the Wing - Falcon information

Falconry Information 
Northwoods Ltd. - Falconry outfitter
Western Sporting Publications - Falconry information

Alaska Information 
Alaska Sea Life Center - Sea life rehabilitation in Seward, AK
Alaska Science Outreach - Alaska science and information
The Alaska Zoo - Alaska Zoo in Anchorage, AK
Alaska Islands & Ocean Visitor Center - Science center in Homer, AK
Alaska Natural History Association - Natural History of Alaska
Musk Ox Farm - Musk Ox center in Palmer, AK