What to do if you find an injured bird

If you have found an injured eagle, owl or other large raptor, please call the Bird TLC clinic for assistance. 

For other species: 

  1. Determine if the bird is in need of help. Is the bird limping, bleeding or dragging a wing? If not, it may not be injured or in need of help - if in doubt call the Bird TLC clinic for assistance.

  2. Use caution, injured wild animals do not understand that we are trying to help them and they will defend themselves from their perceived predator.

  3. Capture the bird carefully using a towel, blanket or box.

  4. Place bird in a secure box with air-holes and in a dark, quiet place.

  5. Bring the bird to the Bird TLC rehabilitation clinic for treatment and care.

If it is after-hours, you can bring the bird to:

PET Emergency Treatment (2320 E. Dowling Rd, Anchorage, AK)


Midnight Sun Animal Hospital (2545 E. Tudor Rd, Anchorage, AK) for 24 hour drop-offs. 

    Do not attempt to care for the bird on your own.
State and federal laws protect wild birds, and they must be placed under the care of licensed rehabilitators.