Bird TLC provides hands-on, science-based, educational presentations that will engage and inspire a sense of wonder in a way that books and videos cannot. Each program includes a live bird and covers biology, ecology and conservation given by an experienced and certified presenter from Bird TLC. Presentations can be tailored to any age group from pre-school through high-school, college level, or adult groups.

Presentation Descriptions


45 - 60 minute lecture style presentation offered in a wide array of public venues or in a classroom setting.

Informal/Walk by

Casual question-and-answer presentation with an audience comprised of interested individuals who stop by to observe and/or participate for short periods of time.


Some birds are available for multiple-bird formal or informal programs.



45 – 60 minute units that include learning experiences through lecture, PowerPoints, and interactive hands on activities.  See Fledgling Flyway page for more information.

Presentation Fees


 Golden Eagle



All other birds


Fledgling Flyway $75/unit

All materials provided

Title I schools at no charge